Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Off Like a Prom Dress

A few weeks ago, I noticed something strange. On a trip to the mall (shopping, not National) there were younger girls three deep at every makeup counter. It was like the Front Page on the first happy hour of intern season.

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw this entry by Meg over at Faking Good's Prom Season.

Inspired by my own upcoming 10 year high school reunion, I became totally nostalgic for the bastion of American americana that is the high school prom. Mostly mine was so strange.

Let me set the scene.

I went to a private high school in New York. Our football team was embarrassingly bad. Most of our school sponsored events occured at the Bottom Line, not the school gymnasium.

Like a good child of the 90's, I diligently watched "Saved by the Bell" and "Beverly Hills, 90210," read the prom issues of both Seventeen and YM, and longed for that typical prom experience. Shopping for months for an expensive dress, hair in an updo, perfect makeup, disco ball on the cieling of a hotel ballroom, pancakes and coffee at our local diner hangout where the owner knows all of our names and which one of us will later buy in as a partner and turn part of it into a nightclub which will be the setting for many drug stings, breakups and a concert venue for so many crappy bands.

But, I digress.

That was not me.

I bought the first dress I tried on. (It was long...but as a vertically challenged person, I firmly believe in short for formal occaisons. I would wear a short dress to my wedding if my mother hadn't given me The Look of Death when I suggested that.)

I had my my hair done in an updo. Then I cried my eyes out the whole ride home because my hair was crunchy, stinky smelling and a thousand pins were poking me. I promptly washed the whole thing out and blew my hair out straight.

I did all my friends' makeup, mostly consisting of silver eyeshadow, because that's what I wore. We were far from perfect.

I don't remember a disco ball...

In short, not the prom I dreamed about (Zack Morris didn't show up and sweep me off my feet or anything), not even a particularly memorable evening.

But I do remember a girl in my class throwing up on her $3000 Bergdorf Goodman dress as soon as she got to the party!

That was totally the highlight.

Happy Prom Season!

Also, the whole experience taught me many valuable lessons about getting ready for formal functions, of which I have one coming up in a few weeks (it always falls in the middle of the NBA Finals) so check out my routine. I got tired just reading it.


Meg said...

Thanks for the shoutout! My prom was pretty lame too. They held it at the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Southeast Michigan (what, you haven't heard of it?) and because I firmly believed that everything would be ruined if I wore my glasses with my dress, I spent the whole night asking my date who we were talking to.

Makes me wish they would hold proms for people in their 20's, when we all (hopefully) know better.

alex said...

kuri said...

Not all that different from my prom. High expectations but very unmemorable. I think I looked like a poodle after curling my hair too tightly, hee.

Pen Name said...

I wore a knee-length dress to my wedding! J. Crew, classy and perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. It can be done :)

georgia said...

Junior mom's pastel yellow 1979 bridesmaid/wedding dress into a lovely goddess type gown with empire waist and they flyaway chiffon that was so popular in 1997. Sadly, was mistaken for the date of the guy dressed in the canary yellow ruffle shirt tux who wanted to be like Dumb & Dumber. :(

Sr. prom I didn't have a date and went with my new best friend...we are still best friends 10 years later and she even let me wear whatever I wanted to be her maid of Vegas...and yes, Elvis sang...

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