Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ripped Off...and loving it.

There are lots of perks to working for the government.

The feeling you get knowing that someone twice your age has to suck up to you to gain access to your boss.

Savant-like knowledge of regulatory provisions and congressional districts by zip code.

Finding out confidential and sometimes even classified information, which no one else actually wants to know.

Hot ass ID badges.

However, earning the big bucks is not a perk I enjoy.

Don't believe me? Are you sitting there thinking, CapHillBarbie, you are so full of crap! No one would do your job and not get paid like a banshee! Oh yeah? Check out the salary of everyone on the Hill. Send money and care packages.

So, when I lust after certain high priced fashion items, I have two choices: (A) forgo rent and eat Top Ramen every day for lunch, or, (B) find a knock-off and work it like there is no tomorrow.

Thus was the case of The Chloe Flats:

On a trip around Bergdorf Goodman with my mom earlier this year, I spied a hot pair of Chloe flats for spring. They looked perfect for bumming around on the weekend, casual days at work in the summer, and would even work through fall! But when I took a gander at the price tag, my dreams of swanning around Dirksen in my cute shoes came to a screeching halt.

I still love you dearly, even though you are out of my price range.

So, I put them down (my birthday isn't until fall, so begging for an early present from my mother would have been fruitless) and tried my best to forget.

Until this weekend when I stopped into Steve Madden on Saturday (yup, that's right, I'm a masochist.) and found pair of flats almost exactly like the Chloes! The best part? About $400 less than the real deal. I snatched them up on the spot.

Let the swanning begin!

Another perk? Being able to provide a little technical assistance for this legislation.


BabsieD said...

Beware the Maddens! I bought a pair of Chloe knock-off patent heels last fall. They were SO uncomfortable that I had to do this whole shuffle/hobble across M Street from the DSS to my car. It was like 30 feet and it took me 10 minutes. I've had to leave 3 parties because of them--they're just so fabulous. They're just SO painful.

I guess flats can't cause too much torture, though...

DC Celine said...

Oh, no, flats can cause mucho torture. I have a lovely orange pair that I adore, but can barely wear. Beware. If they even *hint* of hurt in the store - too tight, too anything - don't get them.

Anonymous said...

Please explain how ol' Bob Goodlatte is a cosponsor of the fashion bill. Thanks

Oh yeah and CUTE shoes!

jen said...

haha, your third perk is so true!

another one is days off whenever a former president passes away. ok, so that's only happened twice since i've worked for the government, but this year it gave us a four day weekend!

alex said...

alex said...

alex said...

Beauty Chick said...

Way to score a deal! I love finding affordable versions of the great designs out there.

Kiki said...

love those shoes, love your blog!

to babsied and dc celine: i have had much more pain from flats then i've ever had from heels! the way they can rub along the back of your foot causes blisters for days. i just found the best produce in cvs though, it's made by bandaid and it's a little stick (kind of like a mini-deodorant) that you roll on your feet before you put your shoes on. voila! no rubbing! now i can actually stand to break in my shoes.

alex said...

TravelGretta said...

Oh my shoe sister - those Chloe's are way too cute. The Steve Maddens were a great substitute, but next time, put the Chloe's on hold, and tell all your friends where you are registered, for your birthday. A la Carrie Bradshaw.

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