Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to the Republic

I don't know what's going on, but I'm heavily in lust with Banana Republic's fall line.

Don't get me wrong, I own plenty of BR staples, but lately I've found their stuff a little lame. The colors always seemed a shade they had been washed too many times before being put on the hanger. Or they were pushing those uber long shorts as a work outfit. And that's something I just can't condone.

But I was in the store recently on one of my fall shopping recon missions and found myself grabbing at things like Bob Packwood on three Viagra with a Cialis chaser.

Back at work, I began perusing the website for more lustworthy togs and stumbled upon a neat perfect "work" bag.

A little background:

Work bags for professional women have to be one of the most difficult fashion conundrums. Do I buy a man's briefcase and try to rock the androgeny like Madonna in the "Express Yourself" video and basically end up looking like a huge dork? Or do I carry a purse which simply looks wildly inappropriate in most professional settings and can't carry half of my essentials for surviving a day in the urban jungle?

Oh, and I also want to be able to fit a redwell in there. Maybe even, gasp!, a laptop.


Well...hello, Somerset Vertical Tote!

Isn't she pretty?

Available in black and brown, it also looks suspiciously like the Mulberry Elgin tote that I wish I could afford. While this one isn't exactly cheap, I think it looks like a nice addition to any fledgling professional woman's wardrobe.

Start making Christmas/Chanukah/Whatever lists now!

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B said...

I completely agree.

I hadn't found anything at BR in months. If not a year. Then Saturday, I went in and was blown away. Thank God.

abrownee said...

That looks similar to a bag I have been carrying to work since last Christmas. I bought the Diane vonFurstenberg runway fashion tote 16". It's part of her luggage collection which can be purchased at Macy's. I absolutely love it! It is tough but stylish. I have the olive/bronze color. I didn't realize it was supposed to be olive until I just looked it up. The color looks more brownish/bronze. I can fit my purse and all my paperwork I bring home then still have room to carry my lunch too.

HeatherAnne said...

I freaking love you for this post! Let me tell you I hadn't shopped at this place in YEARS and now I am sort of addicted to their fall silk blouses and knits. The quality of their stuff, and style, has improved and is saving me tons of money from the usual designer threads that are the same quality/look. Love that purse also!

Valley Girl said...

I am totally with you about Banana Republic. Some seasons, I'll pass. Others, like this one, I'm all over it. I love everything--their separates, the accessories.

My faves: the button-up blouses (so work-appropriate); the sweater dress; and the handbag w/ chain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great tip! I've just started as an associate at one of the old-school DC law firms and have had a terrible time with the bag question.

In fact, the whole wardrobe issue is a little frustrating - how to look appropriate and serious in front of the 60 year old partner, but still feminine and.. well, not old. Any posts about that would be so appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

BR is incredible right now - the short-sleeved silk blouses are so professional-yet-feminine that I bought all three colors! Let's hope this is the beginning of a very long fashionable streak!