Friday, September 07, 2007

Oblivious to the World

Oh, wow, sorry...hi.

I've been totally out of the blogging loop because I have been deeply engrossed in my gadget selection of the year.

Yes, I get to buy a new cell phone! The Q is so cute! And I could keep in touch with my friends, instead of being forced to plod along with my government issued Blackberry, not emailing anyone fun for fear that someone subpoena my emails and then will haul me before Congress and make me testify as to why I made fun of Chris Dodd's eyebrows.

But the new iPods are on the way!

Crap, so many decisions. This is why I own three billion lip glosses.

Anyhoo, there has been big news in the world of bargain fashion!

First up, Lela Rose for Payless has debuted.

I'm not usually a fan of bargain shoes, but I am a HUGE fan of Lela Rose. (Loved loved loved her wedding dresses.) The pictures below look adorable, but I don't know how good they look in real life. Also, the T-strap pump is the one that everyone is all hot and bothered about and it's already sold out! What the F?

On deck is the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection for Kohl's.

While this line was eagerly anticipated (well, at least by me) the response from Winona at Daddy Likey , who checked it out early, makes it sound pretty craptacular. How disappointing. (I also didn't like her wedding dresses.)

Ok, so, batting cleanup in this festival of low priced surprises is the Alice Temperley line for Target! Definitely a line for fall. With all the greys and blacks, it's just about perfect for all those upcoming funerals and sitting shiva that I've got planned.

Just kidding! I know that grey is the new black and that black is the new grey. I mean, duh, I invested all my spare time this summer reading about fall clothes in the air conditioning while it was a 100 degrees outside.

Ahhh, so now, if I could only bring myself to try on some fall clothes...

Nevermind...I'm going to go read some more articles about which iPod is actually worth $400.

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Jessica said...

I have a Q - I've had it since last November. I have been really impressed with it as a phone, having owned 4 LGs before it (I was looking for a bit more than just a phone, so I upgraded to the Q). I really appreciate the ability to synchronize it with my computer (can automatically download your pics to the computer) and Outlook. Only one thing - it is a bit to thin to pin between your shoulder and ear - use your bluetooth headset. One good thing though, depending on your carrier (I'm with Verizon), the price has definitely dropped making the choice between a Q and a nano a no brainer - GET BOTH! Incidentally, I want the green nano.

Chic and Charming said...

I went and checked out the Kohl's vera line today. Very disappointing-almost entirely polyester/rayon/modal. The night gowns were my favorite.

Anonymous said...

If you really want the T straps, you can buy them on line. If you hate them, you can return them in the store, I believe.

mjshdiif said...

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