Friday, September 21, 2007

News! News!

I've been hearing grumblings from people who are in desperate need of some Project Runway.

And by people I mean me.

Well, some others too.

I noticed that Bravo has been doing some sneak peeks at the Season 4 designers during Tim Gunn's new show and that just whetted my appetite for all manner of sewing and bitchy craziness wonderful. A quick Google seach for the new start revealed nothing official.

But, I did a little digging on my favorite place for all things PR, Blogging Project Runway and hit pay dirt.

They state that Heidi Klum got all out ahead of Bravo and posted that the start date is November 14. They quickly issued a ceasse and desist and she took it down.

Sooo...Nov. 14th people! Set the Tivo! And tune in here for loads of my early morning cranky recaps!

1 comment:

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Will be waiting and watching..

I LOVE Project Runway.