Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To Toe or Not To Toe

I've found myself in a recently quandry which I never thought that I would be in.

As readers of my rambling rants about my pet peeves may know, I'm not a huge fan of visible feet in inappropriate situations.

I don't wear strappy sandals in the office, even on the hottest days of the year,

I think seeing toes after Veteran's Day is abominable,

In church, I think God should be looking at your pious face, not your chipped pedicure,

I don't wear peep toes to bars for fear of being stepped on.

Basically, I have a lot of rules regarding revealing footwear. But I didn't really think twice about wanting to wear open toed shoes on my wedding day.

I had even picked a front runner in the Great Wedding Shoe Hunt:

Until my mother heard from a friend who heard from another friend who heard from someone at Kleinfeld's, the bridal mecca, that you simply do NOT wear open toed shoes as the sight of toes will just destroy everything you have worked so hard to do to plan the perfect wedding.

(Actually, I think there was something about it destroying the "line" of the dress and that everyone will just be staring at your toes)

When my mother relayed this information, I brushed it off, saying that I had seen that horrible show about Kleinfeld's and I was not about to take their advice.

Then she called me at work today and told me that a salesperson at a shoe store, which has earned my utmost respect and admiration, also expressed shock that I would wear open toed shoes to become a wife.

Am I missing something here?

I'm getting married in springtime.

I won't be in a church or other such religious establishment.

I promise to have a pretty pedicure.

Is it wrong to wear open toed shoes?

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Blonde Features said...

I think you should wear what you want to wear on your wedding day. As long as your toes are perfectly pedicured I think why not with the open toe shoes. I bet most people wont even see them anyways because of your gown except maybe at the party and then of course why not show a little toeage! That's the fun part!

DC Celine said...

oh heck, no, don't listen to them. wear open toes (they're gorgeous) or sandals or whatever else. it simply will not ruin the line of the dress, and as IF someone's going to be looking at your toes instead of you. right.

Laurie said...

I've never heard that before - and think it is crazy talk! I wore open toed shoes and no one commented on my feet at all. DC Celine is onto something there... Seriously - keeping a handle on all of the supposed dos and don'ts for weddings is tiring!

Robo said...

I've never heard that before either. If it's a spring time wedding and you're okay with wearing open toe shoes, then go for it. As long as you're comfortable, then you will look radiant, and seriously no one's really going to look at your feet.

B said...

I wore open toed shoes for my summer wedding. I even had the photographer take pictures of my pretty toes in said shoes. The toe pictures are some people's favorite of the bunch.

Jessica said...

Wear whatever you want - it's your wedding? Besides, for pictures, the ceremony, etc. I would assume that your dress is going to be floor length - you won't see the shoes anyway. However, if you're willing to drop $500+ on them, hopefully you'll wear them again! :-)

dcbellwether said...

no open-toed shoes? That's so old-fashioned! Look at all the brides on who wear open toed shoes. I'm planning to wear open-toed shoes for my June wedding. If you like the shoes, and they make you happy - wear 'em!

Anonymous said...

they are fab, can't go wrong with manolos

Loyal reader and fellow DC lawyer lady said...

I would find it awkward looking to have a close-toed shoe with a wedding dress. In fact, I'll venture so far as to say it would be seriously ugly to have some atrocity of a close-toed "pump" in a shade of white or ivory or silver. Ewwwwie. VERY old-fashioned. Go open-toed and let that pretty pedicure show!

Princess Poochie said...

Go for the open toe. They aren't sandals which may be their real issue.

Plus, those are lovely.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do just please do not switch to flip flops at the reception! If I go to one more wedding where the bride and bridesmaids do this I'm taking my gift back.

Carissa said...

In my opinion, closed-toe bridal shoes all look so ugly - very pointy, very stark white, and yet still very boring!

Boo! I'm on the hunt for an embellished peep toe myself!

(I halfway want to do blue satin ones, too!)

Anonymous said...

My first wedding:closed toe shoes
9 years later - divorce
My second wedding: open toe shoes
13 years later - still going strong

I'm just sayin'

shane said...

You don't have to have a foot fetish to love that exquisite appendage with a perfect pedicure ('though it helps).

Mary said...

I ran into the same problem when planning my wedding. I think what it comes down to is do you like your toes? If you don't, then every time you see your wedding photos you're only going to be thinking about them. I love my toes, they're cute! I found the perfect pair of shoes and they happened to be open so I got them and in 2-3 pictures you can see them but that's it. Stressing out over "the rules" when it comes to planning a wedding will drive you crazy. If you like the shoes and your toes just buy them!

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