Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gossip Girl: The Ex Files


Back at school.  

Not that I don't have a bone to pick with their attempt at reality, but more on that later.

First, I had a specific request for Blair's rhinestone headband.  

It's Jennifer Behr, but the real mystery is the cape.  No one on the internets can find it!

Apparently, the uniforms are coming from French Toast, which is actually a uniform store.  Who knew?  The real covetable item?  Her shoes, which are Nine West!  I'll race you there....

The parents in TV shows are typically a snoozefest (see 90120, My So-Called Life) but I perked up when I saw Lily in this Stella McCartney floral top.  

But I came crashing down to reality when I found that it was sold out everywhere.  

And now!  Field hockey!!  

As a chick who knew how to handle a stick in high school, I am well versed in the art of traipsing around the halls in a game outfit and hiking up that skirt.  (Actually, I knew a girl who had hers professionally altered to be shorter and poufier.)

Although...I accessorized with a mouthguard, not gumball sized pearls.  Maybe that's why we smoked the all girls schools when we played them.

Also, holy Herve Leger Batman!

No mortal should attempt to wear this dress.  Ever.

And now for my reality check.  

No way that girls from Constance Billard (aka Nightingale Bamford) would hang out with Dalton guys.  They would go for Collegiate or Trinity for sure.


Hermione said...

YAHOO! You're back! OK, I ahve a question for you. I thought it was odd that the girls' uniforms vary so much. Is it? Like, the Blairites wear those little a-lines, the color of which I could not quie pinpoint. But Jenny is wearing what is obviously a child's plaid jumper. Also, I find those wierd little patent leather/plastic gumball colored belts to be highly lamentable.

Hermione said...

And, have you tried the brushless mascara yet?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think it would be fabulous if you posted about the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. I sense you would have an awfully good time blogging about that show!

Anonymous said...

you know they have a gossip girl re-cap where they judge how accurate the episode was on ny mag's intel website.


C said...

I'm just dying to get my hands on Blair's shoes in that picture. When I saw the show they looked like spats with heels. Any ideas where to find them?

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