Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gossip Girl Fashion: Summer, Kind of Wonderful

Welcome to the belated first edition of my Gossip Girl fashion recaps!

The main problem with this episode is the fact that all the summery fashions that they featured are not looking as interesting right now since wools and jewel toned fall clothes are cramming all the stores.

Still, with a DC indian summer almost guaranteed, there were a few google-worthy dresses.

First up, Serena's silky looking tank dress was Vena Cava and is currently on sale at Revolve Clothing.  Although, like many of my friends did with their field hockey skirts, you'll have to hem it about six inches to achieve this look.  

The bag is Chanel, and, as a note to costumers, make it look like she's carrying more than a lipgloss in there.  Real New York private schoolers carry about 8 tons of crap including three half empty cartons of cigarettes, crumpled receipts from your parents' credit card, an oversized Gucci wallet and three electronic devices.  That thing would be bulging at the patent seams.

Blair is sporting the Garden Party dress from Alice + Olivia and good luck if you want one.  It seems like it's sold out across the internets.  However, if you just love the pattern, there is a blouse in the same pattern available.  The purse is Kate Spade.

At the White Party, which is super trashy in real life, Blair's adorable mini dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs, also shortened to crotch baring levels.  However, her shoes like the crappy ones that came with Barbie dolls in the late 1980's.  

Clunky!  And not in a good way.

Serena's fabulous grecian looking dress is Oscar de la Renta from Spring 08. If you can find it or even find a price tag, god bless. I also think this would make a stellar wedding dress if you are so inclined. Maybe with a little less boob, but still. Also, why does Serena kissing look like a bob and weave act?  It's freaky.

Last, my favorite dress for real life is Blair's green Milly dress.  If this episode had aired in June, I would have dropped everything and bought the dress, but alas, with fall looming large, I'll hold out and see what kind of preppy blazers and knee high boots are in store in future episodes...

Until next time...well, you know the line.

(just a caveat about these, I'm only picking the fashions I liked best.  If there is something I can try to track down, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best.)

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Gene said...

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Just thought I'd share this GREAT find!!!I heard they also use it for Gossip Girl.Pretty cool.I love the show

regan said...

"However, her shoes like the crappy ones that came with Barbie dolls in the late 1980's." HA! Great imagery. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's really tough to make a white outfit look good, not trashy. Especially one with that hemline and white shoes. I really really don't like white shoes.

The Glitterati said...

I just noticed all the extras/gawkers in the shop window in that first photo of Serena & Blair. Hilarious!

Also, it appears that kissing Serena Van Der Woodsen is a very uncomfortable act. This, paired with her desperately clawing Dan's chest last season, makes me question Blake Lively's um... life experiences.

lelaelena said...

Oh it was this episode that Gossip-Girl-Broke me.
I REFUSED to join the trend before, but while bumping across the TV I saw the one part w/ Blair's little summer dress, the first one in this post and welll..........
it's like crack now.

Anonymous said...

Omggg were can I buy the white dress of Serena at the white party??? I can't find anything!!! I sooo want it for my prom! God! Pleeeaaaseeee! Can you please found how many it is??


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