Monday, February 02, 2009

The Big Day

That's right...Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

Well...I kind of hate Valentine's Day.


I'm not a fan of conversation hearts, Russell stover, overpriced restaurant menus served by surly waiters, scratchy pink underwear given to you by someone suckered by an ad with big feather wings.

Washingtonian posted a special roundup of Blogger Beat all-stars best and worst Valentine's stories which is a pretty good read.

And as for my plans this year?  

Buying myself yet another pink lipgloss.  I am my own best Valentine.


Sweet Torts said...

Last year my boyfriend took me to a Broadway show for V-Day, and that was the perfect way for me to spend my first in V-Day here in NY.
This year we are staying in and cooking dinner together which I think will be more fun to cramming into a restaurant. We do that often enough without doing it on the 14th. :)

A said...

We are staying in, too, NYC is out of control on VDay, it's brutal. I am gifting myself--and by proxy, my husband--with Bond No. 9's West Side perfume. I tried it recently and am develops in this really cool way, so it's like wearing multiple scents in one spritzing. (Rose, with ylang ylang and peony and vanilla) Plus, I figure the snazzy red bottle will be like a year-round valentine on my dresser, ha!

Lucy in the Sky with Rhinestones said...

You should have a look at the Victoria Secret flavored glosses. Sticky they might be, but they are just so darn yummy!

My boyfriend and I aren't even CELEBRATING Valentines Day, and this is the first time we've been on the same side of the ocean to do so. I kind of hate Valentines Day, too. :D

AznGurl said...

Ugh yes the day was created by card companies to make more $$$

Totally overrated.

Y go to an overcrowded, loud, less than top quality (due to the volume of customers) to indulge the gift industry?

Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is a based on Saint Valentine. You should read his story, maybe you'd understand and feel differently about this day. Yes, it is highly commercialized, but we are capable of attaching our own meanings and traditions, aren't we?
My parents, who met at a USO function just after my father returned from WWII(his whole unit was wiped out; he was the only survivor), were married on Valentine's Day. My only son was born on Valentine's Day, so overall, that day is quite special to me. Every year, I laugh and tell my son that he lucked out, and that he's "off the hook" for the rest of his life!