Monday, February 02, 2009

Gossip Girl: You've Got Yale

Well...the surrealism continues.

First of all, yes, private school heads have a great deal of leverage in getting students into top schools.  But, no way in hell Serena would be getting one of those spots unless Bart had dedicated half of his fortune to a building with her name on it.

Blair, on the other hand, probably already has an endowment in her name.  Unless it was spent on her Milly fitted check coat and Valentino Jardin Rose bag.

Underneath the coat, she's sporting a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece jacket and H&M skirt.  But based on the prices, this is not your grandfather's Brooks Brothers jacket.  Ouch.  I'll also ignore her coffee filter sleeve blouse.  

Ok, no I won't.  Yuck.

Serena shows a rare moment of restraint in face of the New York January cold spell by covering up in a Lauren Moffat coat.  Don't worry, she bares her boobs for a night at the Opera.

Oh, another point of order?  Teens don't go to the opening night of the Met and make out in box seats.

But when Blair gets dressed for a date with her headmistress, she smartens up in a D&G coat from Fall/Winter 08.  My problem is this:  I caught a glimpse of Blair's shoes.  Mustard patent high heeled loafers with a velvet ribbon.  I know I've seen them before, and I CANNOT FIND THEM.

Please help.



Anonymous said...

i haven't seen the episode but the shoe description sounds distinctly J Crew.

Jenny said...

The plaid on that Milly jacket is very similar to a dress I have from Rugby (Ralph Lauren) from last Spring. I checked the site but nothing like it for this season, yet...

Miss B said...

Love the Milly coat!!

airbrush makeup said...

They really had the best fashion in the show, I love blair she is so pretty.

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