Monday, February 23, 2009

Gossip Girl: Carnal Knowledge

Long time no blog, right?

Let's just say I've been on strike as long as Gossip Girl has!  Well, not exactly.  Work has consumed my life much in the same way crappy plot lines and whiny pathetic teachers have consumed Gossip Girl.

At least the fashion is still good.

Nelly Yuki and Blair rock some sweet coats out on the school patio.  Nelly's is French Connection and Blair's is H&M, but neither seem to be available online anymore.

Following the theme of things not being available, Blair's cardigan is the Nanette Lepore Songstress.

For once in this show, Serena is all covered up and weather appropriate!  Sporting a Rag and Bone coat and DVF boots.  Also, sadly, not available online.


The lead time on the styling is getting a little absurd.

The bag is for sale...but it is north of three grand.  Oh.  My stomach turned just thinking about it.

Ahhh, finally, you can take all that moolah you saved not getting any of the aforementioned items and get Blair's Catherine Malandrino Floral Sleeve top.

Until next's to hoping the Kubrickian plot twists and irrelevant adults vacate premises.


Alyssa D said...

love this post...i always wonder what exactly the characters are wearing. it was good to see blair sporting an h&m coat instead of a thousand-dollar designer item (as usual).

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Anonymous said...

It almost is only worth watching for the fashion anymore. I was just saying that at my local Chicago Spa and how that despite the cruddy plot I will continue to watch as the fashion is amazing.

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