Thursday, October 11, 2007

As God as My Witness

i have grey jeans too. can we be friends?

I refuse to be ashamed of my love for Gossip Girl.

That's right, I said "suck it!" naysayers!

I also refuse to hide my cubi-giggles* at one of the greatest features on New York Magazine's site, the Gossip Girl recap where they judge how accurate the episode was.

Some of my favorite accuracies that totally take me back to high school:

Playing field hockey at Asphalt Green. Been there, done there, nursed turf burn. Man, I miss my field hockey outfit...

Elevators that open into the foyer of the apartment. That's how you know exactly how loaded these people are.

Parties where boys play video games and nurse watered down booze.

Ahhhh, Elizabeth Street. How I miss you and your shopping wonders.

* cubi-giggle: to burst forth with a snicker when reading something while at work in a cubicle. Often related to procrastinating/non-work related items on the internet. If work makes you cubi-giggle, well, you are a dork. My condolences.

photo courtesy of who got it from someone else.


Rae said...

:) Gossip Girl is absolutely fantastic. (see? Not ashamed either! :P )

Big Sky Girl said...

It's so good to see other people who aren't ashamed of a little guilty pleasure!

Anonymous said...

I love Serena's style, or stylist.

Anonymous said...

Best show on tv, love their clothes, in fact I want the entire Lorrick line, ain't no shame!
~ Heather Anne