Friday, October 19, 2007

So, so wrong

I recently decided to go indulge myself in a Chanel nail polish color.

I typically stick to the Essie/OPI section, since they are (a) a lot cheaper, and (b) they have really good colors, and (c)they are a whole lot cheaper.

However, armed with my Bloomie's promotional gift card which was set to expire, I trotted off the the Chanel counter and forced the saleswoman to pull out all of the nail polishes so I could pick one.

I was debating between Ballerina and Pink Satin after deciding that Black Satin, the shiny black polish that caused blog-steria last year but is now totally available everywhere, was way too Goth for my day job and my skin tone.

Ballerina is a soft pink matte shade, very similar to Essie Mademoiselle or OPI Sweetheart, and Pink Satin was a baby pink color with silver sparkles.

Well, let's just say I chose poorly.

Pink Satin won the prize of getting toted home with me and discretely admired on the bus. With the little sparkles floating in the bottle, it looked like a baby lava lamp.

I did a home manicure when I got home and started realizing that I made a bad decision.

First of all, the polish is totally sheer. As in, almost a topcoat sheer. I put on two coats and I could still see straight down to anything that happened to be caught under my fingernail.

Second, the pink color on my fingers was a horrible shade of pink. Like Hello Kitty My First Nail Polish pink.

And third, the sparkles overwhelmed the color, making it look like I had little disco balls on my hands. I felt like I was going to a rave, not a markup, the next morning.

I wore it for a few days, fighting the urge to GET IT OFF ME, which was being screamed by every fiber in my being, but it didn't improve.

So, ladies and gentlemen, back to the store it goes. But now I'm at a loss...what to try next? I think I'm off nail polish, maybe I'll splurge on a pricey mascara recommended by the Beauty Addict in her new Encyclopedia of Mascara?

Help a sister out!


Big Sky Girl said...

I recently bought a Smashbox arced liner brush and their cream eyeliner and I love it! I was having a hard time getting even coverage with the pencil, and the liquid was always way too thick for day, but this perfect! Really defines the eyes without looking like Liz Taylor in Cleopatra.

Jenni said...

I splurged on Chanel's Organza nail polish awhile back and was disappointed. For $25 I expected the polish to make me look like a movie star...I guess those were REALLY false expectations! I didn't take it back, but I wish I would've...I've never had buyer's remorse over any beauty product before...except that dang polish!

I would suggest something from the Bare Minerals line...if you haven't already tried it. I absolutley LOVE their stuff! Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

Story of my life. I'm dark skinned (about 3/4 of the way up from say, Kate Moss towards Alek Wek)and know from experiences like this that a rich shade in the package doesn't necessarily translate into a dense, jewel tone on my skin. Most color cosmetics end up looking muddy on me. I now get my lipsticks and blushes custom blended by Three Custom Color. Expensive, but worth it.

Anonymous said...

You only used it's not too late to RETURN or EXCHANGE IT! Go back and carefully pick another color and all will be well! :)

Princess Poochie said...

I love the Chanel Glossimer lip glosses, especially Spark. But there are the 3 new Clinique limited edition Black Honey sheer lipsticks - Black Honey, Black Raspberry, Black Raisin, Black Plum (I think those are the four) or Cliniques High Impact Mascara is pretty good too.


Anonymous said...

I just went to Ricky's the other day and picked up a darker red almost rasperry nail polish by Essie.
It is called "clutch me if you can", and so far i really like it. Its almost a vamp, but not quite as goth...
Its like a dark berry. I'm enjoying it very much. And since we are sisters i thought it might look good on you as well.
Try it out! Plus its only $6.00!!

Tiggerhorns said...

Oooh, I totally sympathize, I got a Lancome polish one time and was sooo disappointed. I try to stick with mandatory rules for nailpolish (not above $7) and mascara (always the drugstore) since you have to replace so often. Feeds into your scrimp versus splurge discussion earlier. But I just bought the limited edition Winter Nights Eye Quad from Chanel and I'm in L-O-V-E. Take nailpolish back and get that if you can find it. Also love Glossimers (especially Spark) and the new Teint Innocence Compact foundation (its a gel and it makes you glow)

Anonymous said...

hey there =)
I´m new to your blog, and have to say how much fun it is to read ;)
But about the nail polish, I agree with the other comment-ers..take it back!! And although I'm not an nail-polish expert or anywhere near it, I recommend to buy Sally Hansen polish =P

ciao from Iceland

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