Monday, October 01, 2007

Found It!

The perfect white camisole.

Yup. That's right. It's all mine....

Ok, so most of you are probably all, "This chick is out of her mind. All she hears about all day is doom and gloom, the world is ending, there is no money for brilliant school children whose talents are wasted in below average schools and they are getting fat because the evil Farm Bill subsidizes high fructose corn syrup and then we have crappy health care to take care of their diabetes and then no one pays for their elder care because we are at war and she is concerned about a freaking TANK TOP?

Well, yeah, kinda.

I don't like to have to have those meetings and worry that I am contributing to the downfall of society because people are staring at my see-through shirt.

Anyhoo, Club Monaco has recently debuted a stretchy camisole in white and black that is just phenomenal. It's thin enough to fit under a button down, but isn't transparent. Nice spaghetti straps that don't cut into your shoulders. Comfortable, and minus the completely superfluous "shelf bra" found in most of these so-called camis.

Seriously, wear a bra! We live in a civilized society!

Not exactly cheap at $29 a pop, but I would warrant that one white and one black should last you solidly through a few seasons of sheer blouses and itchy sweaters.

If only they came in nude....

Well, I guess that's like wishing for world peace and for everyone to have access to 5 fruits and veggies a day.


Allie said...

Okay, I am SO heading to Club Monaco this weekend! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

20 years ago I worked in a state not federal version of your job. We had the poor schools with no funding, the pollution of the Harbor, AIDS, no funding for drug rehab or education and no health insurance. I don't think the kids were as fat though. Anyway, after attending one of those hearings or preparing for one of those or rehashing one of those hearings there was nothing better we liked to do in my office than squeal over a fabulous new purchase, a great find or even a new glossy lipstick. You gotta find the balance.

Sky said...

I went to Club Monaco in Georgetown and bought the cami! LOVE IT!! I am one of those that once I find a perfect undershirt I wear it all the time for as long as I can until someone finally tells me that I must retire it as it is no longer white!! hahah!! But I told them you suggested it! Thanks!