Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Damn you, Central Processing!

Last Friday, feeling particularly low due to the torrential downpour (yes yes, I know we all needed the rain, but dammit, my shoes were ruined!) I decided to take an afternoon spin up to Nordstrom's to check out the latest entry in the Lancome Pout a Porter collection, PS Kiss for Peter Som.

I also really wanted to play with the iPhone, but Apple was having some kind of nerd party, so I didn't go in.

Now, considering the drubbing I took for shamelessly telling the world that I actually liked the Proenza Schouler lipstick in the zinc-oxide-pink, I was a little wary of trying anything this trendy-limited-edition-overhyped-expensive. But I started hearing rumblings of positive reviews from Blogdorf Goodman, the Beauty Addict, and All About the Pretty.

Normally I steer clear of dark lipstick shades, since it makes me feel a little like I'm walking down K Street. At night. On a Wednesday.

But, in the name of research I stalked the Lancome lady and begged her to let me try out the tester, since they were totally sold out.

It looked good on me. Definitely a wine color, but with a little extra brown. Requires a lot more maintence than my favorite glosses to make sure that it's in the lip line and even across my mouth. Not unlike the Robert Palmer girls from the Addicted to Love video, but interesting.

The surprise happened later, after the lipstick stayed on through an apple (mmmm, Honeykrisp apples, how I love thee). At dinner, a very tired fiance looked up at a frizzy haired me and stated, "You look really pretty today."

I asked, is it the lipstick? He took a second look (always careful, this one) and said, YES.

Since I knew that Nordstrom's was inconveniently sold out, I spent the weekend trying on other shades to see if they could reproduce the effect on said fiance, but no dice. On Sunday night I broke down and ordered it from the Nordstrom's website.

And now it sits...taunting me with it's "order in process" sneer despite my constant refreshing of the page. (Shocker, I know)

Ship it! Please! Pretty please??? My future marriage might depend on it!!

Just kidding. Maybe.

UPDATE!!! Ok, everyone, you may have said that Halloween miracles don't happen, but they do! I'm proof positive. At refresh #12,547 today, it told me that my lipstick was on it's way too me...This is better than the 8 tons of sugar that I ate today. Actually, that makes me feel a little queasy.


Heather said...

Funny post! I want to try this color now.

scsee said...

Saturday I went to the Nordstrom's at Tyson's Corner and bought out the last three tubes of PS Kiss. But! But! BUT! I live in a city with no Nordstrom's, and plan to use every tube (no selling on eBay for me) so please forgive. Love this shade. A little much for work, so I slick it on then blot it off and end with a lovely stain that lasts. Definitely full strength for everywhere but work. Beware the "obvious lipliner" pitfall with this one, when the lipstick doesn't fade evenly and you have a ring of darker color on the outer rim of the lips. This happened to my sister the first time she wore it.

A loyal D.C. reader said...

I know you're terribly busy, but we'd all love to see more posts. You help get me through the work day!

A loyal D.C. reader said...

I know you're terribly busy, but we'd all love to see more posts. You help get me through the work day!

Beauty Chick said...

I've tried this shade and it's gorgeous! I'm sure you'll love it. It seems to work on so many skin tones.

Anonymous said...

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