Monday, November 05, 2007

Around the Clock at Shop

Wow, this is the coolest event that I won't be able to attend on Thursday.


From website to on-site, is bringing its virtual world of beauty to life in the heart of New York City with their first-ever Around the clock Shop.

Whether you’re on your way to work or coming home from a late night out, EVERYONE who walks through the door will get a “scoop” from an oversized beauty bin filled with thousands of must-have beauty products, all for FREE.

Consumers will also have unprecedented access to top beauty gurus including Ted Gibson, Frederick Fekkai and Peter Thomas Roth who will be stopping by to give one-on-one consultations.

And of course,’s team of experts will be on-hand to offer around the clock beauty tips and touch ups:

Morning: Wake Up Calls
Freshen Up – whiten your teeth and freshen your breath, two morning essentials
Complexion Perfection – fake the perfect complexion with concealer, foundation and luminizer

Afternoon: Pick Me Ups
Bright Eyes – look wide awake even if you feel like you’re going to crash
Color Revival– how to add a little color (bronzer and blush) to refresh your glow

Evening: Go Glam
Smoky Eye – get ready to go out on the town with a sexy, smoky eye
Red Lip – don’t be intimidated by this red hot look, learn how to find your perfect shade

Bedtime: Beauty Unwind
Eye Cream 101 – dab, don’t rub, learn the right way to apply eye creams and serums
Good Night Hand Massages – relax with a calming lavender hand massage



WHERE: 184 Fifth Avenue, between 22nd & 23rd Streets

Go for me! Save yourselves with free beauty swag!!!


Rae said...

Ugh - I so want to go, but I'm here in Canada, where nothing ever happens, lol!

RAN said...

not really related to the post (which sounds awesome though!), could you recommend a good eyebrow shaper in DC or Bethesda? I just went to Okyo salon in Georgetown and I'm not to overjoyed with the way the threader shaped them. I previously went to the Anastasia Brow Bar in the sephora in new york, but I'd rather something closer. Thanks!

caphillbarbie said...

For eyebrows, I know that many people, including DC Celine recommend Erwin Gomez in Georgetown who recently opened up his own salon. I have also heard good things about Skin Beauty Lounge on the Hill. I can personally attest to the excellent shaping at Threads on L Street. Tell me more about the Brow Bar, maybe I'll hit it up next week while I'm in NY...

RAN said...

Thanks, i'll check those places out. The Brow Bar is wonderful, it's on top of the Sephora on 5th avenue, and run by Anastasia Brows. The waxer was very good, and she put some magical Anastasia brand cream on before waxing that made it totally painless. Plus, the location was perfect. When I saw the stairway up it felt like a sign that my eyebrows were meant to be tamed, right there, right then. :) And even though it's on top of the sephora, it's totally discreet and private. Ooh now i'm longing to go back...

Soi said...

i just found ur blog- i LOVE it.

i read through all of ur archives. today. and i have 4 ap tests in the next 2 days. lol


Anonymous said...

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