Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Got Taken Back

In response to many comments...I did take back the evil pink nail polish.

In a flood of guilt about buying such an expensive product that was NO GOOD, I had my explanation about exactly why I needed to bring it back, complete with charts and diagrams, but the salesperson at Chanel was so distracted she did the transaction in a matter of seconds without a second glance.

I blame my Eastern European jewish mutt heritage for my guilt.

So now I have $20 to spend and no idea what to buy!


Anonymous said...

I spent my $20 gift card towards "Hope in a Bottle" by Philosophy and I love it! "Hope in a Jar" is also a great product. Just thought I'd share!

Anonymous said...

You took back a nailpolish color just because you didn't like it?? Umm... okay.

Beth in MA said...

I'm contemplating doing the same thing. Yesterday I made the brave decision to jump on The Hills dark nail polish train and bought OPI in Russian Navy, and the results were disastrous.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Something from Kiehls maybe ? if your Bloomies has it. The new Estee lauder Signature lipsticks are great as are the new MAC holiday goodies, or YSL tinted lip balm- handy for the cold weather.
Good Luck