Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

Ok, this is the point in my life where I announce to the whole world my dirty secret.

Or at least the tiny part of the world who reads this thing.

I mean, it's not like Bob Packwood dirty or anything.

It's just one of those totally dorky little things I shouldn't be saying at my age, but here goes nothing.

I love Teen Vogue.

I don't subscribe. But I definitely buy it at least four times a year on the newstand.

Ok fine! Laugh it up. I'll admit that as I type these words, my face goes red and my head hangs in shame.

But you know what? It's got really cute clothes. At more attainable prices than Big Girl Vogue. And great ideas for mixing and matching high low fashion. It even has a cute article about transforming a girl's bedroom!

And to be perfectly honest, I can relate more to the article about private school kids who binge drink on the weekends than I can to an article about the latest wrinkle filler and fertility treatments.

This month, I found out that the "fashion line" in Gossip Girl is actually a real line called Lorick. She has a lot of sweet, slightly retro looks for spring, including this one...perfect for a relaxed spring day at the office with happy hour drinks later on a patio somewhere...

Plus, I really want the hair that the blonde from Gossip Girl has on the cover. My hair appointment is Friday.

Oh, please, who am I kidding. Serena. I want Serena van der Woodsen's hair.

And! It comes in a handy small size for purses...not that I would be seen reading it in public.

photo courtesy of loricknewyork.com


anastasia said...

Perhaps it's lame, but I really wish ALL magazines came in that size. I wouldn't even demand a concurrent price reduction. Just a magazine perfectly sized for sticking in my purse and reading on the crowded subways.

Guilty pleasures are great! Keep on reading.

Laurie said...

No kidding - InStyle is a back breaker! I love that magazine, but it's heavier than the weights I use at the gym.

I accidentally got a subscription to Redbook once. That was not good - I was even embarassed to pull that thing out of my mailbox. Teen Vogue on the other hand is a fantastic magazine!

Beauty in Chelsea said...

I love this new line! Thank you for introducing me to it. I especially love the description of the Lorick Lady, which is so apropos. The website says that Darling carries this line, so I will have to stop in asap. Darling is a wonderful, well-edited boutique housed in a charming townhouse in the West Village, that is definitely worth visiting. Visit my new fashion/beauty/art blog for shopping tips in Chelsea at http://www.beautyinchelsea.com.

Zsofia said...

My 27 year old sister, my 24 year old sister and myself (21) LOVE what we call "T.V." and we just about died when Serena was on the cover! I also want to say that I read your blog religiously and I'm pretty sure you and I are long lost sisters. Bobbi Brown, politics and cynicism? Love you!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe there are other adults who read this mag! A couple of months ago, I was on Amazon and they had a special on Teen Vogue. I got a years subscription for about $5!
I cringe a little at some of the corny teen namby pamby articles, but I agree that they have great style and beauty info.

p.s. For the record, I would LOVE to have the same bathroom that the daughters of the Ricky's owner has!

Christina H. said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE TEEN VOGUE. And I am 27, and I thought I was the only embarrassed, closet reader. You have made me feel much less ashamed. Thank you.

addicted said...

ten vogue is secretly my favorite magazine!!

Scarlet said...

I am THIRTY, and I can't tell you how much I covet my older issues of TV. I still pull sheets when going to buy makeup, and I think the price points just make more sense. It's still a fantasy, but the intelligence surrounding the styling makes it so compelling. And yes, I wish all magazines were that size. I buy European versions of Glamour and Marie Claire for just that reason.

Anonymous said...

i am SO happy to read that there are other 27 year olds out there that read teen vogue like me...i just knew i wasn't the only one

Fabulista said...

I may or may not have a 5 year subscription to Teen Vogue that I started at age 24. Just saying.

h*dizzle said...

lol its ok i think we all have our guilty pleasures that we indulge in...for me its gossip girl/americas next top model and glamour magazine!

btw longtime reader, first time commenter (?) hehe

BeautyChick101 said...

I love Teen Vogue too! I don't think it's really made for teens ... I think it's made for adults like us. :)

Anonymous said...


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