Friday, February 15, 2008

Exciting News!

Topshop will finally arrive stateside this fall!

Yes, at long last, the UK haven for all clothes trendy and cheap will land here and promises to infiltrate and conquer our shores like the colonial bastards they are.

(I'm totally kidding, we can't have a little friendly rivalry Britain? Oh...still pissed about that Revolution thing? Sorry...)

That's right. New York Magazine is reporting that construction has already begun on a SoHo store which will emulate the London flagship, complete with a sweets shop and Kate Moss's unfortunate line. Also, another two stores are in the planning phases.

The best part?

The price points will be the same, but the prices themselves will be different.

Meaning that for anyone who has been to London, picked up a tag and said, "oh, a hundred for this dress that looks exactly like a Balenciaga, that's totally reasonable! Wait a second...that's a hundred POUNDS. That's like, TWO hundred dollars! Holy balls, that's expensive!" and promptly put the garment back on the rack, this is some pretty awesome news.

Looking forward to some serious shopping in the fall....


ModernGear TV said...

Oh yay!! I am planning a trip to NY for this occasion...

Meet you there?

Courtney said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! just ran across your blog today (im at work with no work to be done)i just moved to DC and already adore your blog, hopefully ill pick up on good places to shop/eat/hang from your blog! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Any word on a US website and cheaper US shipping?

Kitty said...

I am a brit and love Topshop and all, but they're not that cheap really... still great but not amazingly cheap. =]

Anonymous said...

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