Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good Morning Internet!

Hello...I apologize for the radio silence lately.

I've spent the past week chez the 'rents for a wild week of wedding planning, visiting friends and general lounging time.

The highlights?

Braving the Barney's Warehouse Sale (albeit on the 6th day after opening) and having to sift through racks upon racks of Kate Moss for Topshop, which was practically discounted to a price-per-pound levels, to find a sweet pair of brown flat boots at half off.

Discussing with my father, fiance, brother, mother, sister, and the hair and makeup team for the wedding whether we thought LiLo's boobs were real or fake. (The verdict? Too saggy to be fake.)

Eating dinner while sitting across from David Schwimmer and not really noticing because the food was so awesome.

Finding out that I still fit into my wedding dress despite horrible holiday eating (whew...)

That's all for now! Will post more about my hair and makeup trial soon...


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you actually found something at the Barneys warehouse sale. I went this weekend and thought it was totally nasty. Everything was so picked over and seemingly damaged. I am not going to waste my time trying this summer- total waste.

caphillbarbie said...

Oh, I totally know. It was here bizarre clothes go to die, like elephants. It took an entire hour to find the boot I liked (a teensy bit to big with just tights, but fine with socks) and I had to promise the salesperson my first born child to get him to find the mate without the ID sticker.

There was some cute stuff if you wore a size 5 or a size 11, but very little in between. I really recommend hitting up the sale right before the warehouse sale.

Anonymous said...


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