Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CapHillBarbie Down

I know I am woefully behind on PR recaps and haven't told you about my bridal hair and makeup trial, but I've been felled by a nasty sore throat.

I promise to catch up soon!

In the meantime, enjoy some of the web content I've been enjoying:

Trying to find the perfect shade of makeup when the spectrum doesn't cover your skin color in New York Magazine...

The yummy Tory Burch spring/summer line, especially this dress

The dresses from the Banana Republic spring line, which I will be more likely to be able to afford....

The Other Boleyn Girl! The dishiest read about 16th century royals EVER is now a movie! It's like Gossip Girl on an acid flashback.

Ok, off to gargle with ice cold vodka...I mean...warm salt water


Polgarra said...

Thanks for the links. I found the article in the New York Magazine to be very interesting. It is a shame when women can't get access to the basics that feel like necessities. Wheither it is cause of the size of your body or the color of your skin. Of course, when I see girls wearing foundation, seldom do they have the right shade on. Many appear with an orange line around the edges. **shiver**

But I wonder, after all these years, why are there not more options? What about in other countries?

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