Monday, March 03, 2008

Fafi Mania

I've always had a rather complicated relationship with MAC Cosmetics.

When I first got interested in makeup and would wander the cosmetics floor, I was always intimidated by the MAC counter. They were always mobbed by girls who looked infinitely cooler than me, bedecked in the latest Betsey Johnson looks, being made up by makeup artists who looked like they walked in from a music video.

Let's just say I bonded with the Clinique lady in those early years. And wore a lot of Gap.

But, as I've grown, I've become more confident in approaching the MAC counters, and lately, their collections have been really bold...maybe still a little too bold for me.

The latest collection, Fafi, is a collaboration with a French graffiti artist whose work is like a combination of Japanese anime and Lisa Youskavage...except with the sexuality dialed WAY down.

The collection itself is a panoply of bright vibrant colors, many bordering on unwearable...unless you work at a MAC counter. However, there are some diamonds among the neon jewelry.

My favorites are the Fafi Eyes 1, a quad of two nude shades, a sheer grey and a light pink, great for doing a light daytime look or a smoky night eye and the Fashion Frenzy blush, a bright pink that makes me look like I actually am awake for once.

The best part might actually be the packaging in this case. Decorated with Fafi's work, they are little works of art on your bathroom counter. Tres chic. Makes me feel like I've got the best Betsey Johnson and the coolest Doc Martins.

Did I mention I was a teenager in the 90's? Do I have to?

Plus, it's just so much fun to say Fafi...

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Fashion Babelou said...

fafi fafi fafi fafi - hey that is fun to say! I love MAC but haven't checked this out yet-- the blush looks like a definite possibility for me!

Laurie said...

I am really digging the Fafi collection as well. I've been back on the MAC train for awhile though - paint pots are my savior.

I love that eye quad as well and the "perky" paint pot from this collection.

Anonymous said...


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