Monday, March 17, 2008

Going to Pot

This past week I had the distinct pleasure of going out after having a full hour or so to get ready!

That's glancing in the mirror three minutes before departure time and swiping on a little blush and praying that the bar will be dark and everyone will be liquored before I get there.


I tried on three pairs of shoes!

And, I got to play with a MAC Paint Pot!

One of the Fafi Collection, I tested out Cash Flow, a straight up gold cream shadow with a hint of a green undertone.

The shadow is what is really awesome.

It goes on smoothly (I used my fingers, I didn't have THAT much time on my hands) and pretty sheerly.  This is especially since it looks like the mud of the Dead Sea in the pot.

I was able to layer it on a little at a time and make it darker by my lash line and sheerer up near my brows.

With a heavy coat of mascara, I was good to go!

After a night at Marvin dealing with some guy who just swore he knew me from somewhere (hey, buddy, maybe I'm just kind of generic looking?) I got home and there was nary a crease in sight!  This stuff is strong...but it slid right off with a little of my trusty Almay remover.

As is my vice, I eyed a few other colors that might get added to my stash, including Artifact, Greenscape and Moss Scape.

Wow, so much for any resolution to save and not buy more makeup, right?


Laurie said...

I'm sort of addicted to Paint Pots. I can't stop buying them! They stay put all day - when I find something like that I tend to stock up!

Nice Vice from the Fafi collection is my current fav.

BeautyTalk said...

I absolutely love Paint Pots and I've been looking for Cash Flow everywhere because I jumped on the bandwagon too late and it's sold out in most places :(

Anonymous said...


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