Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Swear

I swear to all that is holy to me (re: Prada) ... if I have to read one more fawning, obsequious article about Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth and about how they fondle each other just everywhere they go ... I will just go postal.

I get it!

He's an elfin, twice married, twice divorced, UFO sighting peacemonger vegan who met and married a tall pretty red-haired Brit and they just can't keep their unevenly matched attractiveness hands off each other!


This, somehow, is news fodder for MONTHS.

(fyi...this all comes after belatedly reading my March issue of Elle Magazine and wasted ten minutes of commercial time reading a five page spread on the couple)

Guess what?!?

Washington is over it.

And the rest of the country couldn't care less!

Please.  Media.  Stop.  Seriously.  Mainstream media.  STOP.

Now excuse me while I yak.


ShellBell said...

I love this. Yes Mr. Kucinich is quite elfin. I love that Amy Poller plays him on SNL....funny stuff. It seems that to find a good man you've gotta get one thats not attractive in anyway shape or form. Why is life so cruel??? lol

BeautyChick101 said...

I'm originally from Ohio and couldn't care less about Kucinich! I can't believe he's still making headlines!

Stacey said...

I live in Ohio, Kucinich is (sadly) my Congressman, and he (and his wife) make me want to vomit. We're sick of him too. Unfortunately, I guess, not sick enough to boot him out of Congress...

Anonymous said...


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