Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Besame Mucho

One of my favorite underrated soundtracks is the one from Great Expectations.

And yes, I mean the Ethan Hawke/Gwyneth Paltrow version.

The movie is pretty whatever...but the soundtrack rocks. One favorite song from the disc is the song, Besame Mucho by Cesaria Evora.

So I got my Meg's Makeup package with a set from the cosmetics company Besame, and now that song has been stuck in my head ever since.

That can really sour you on something, y'know?

Luckily, the makeup was pretty sweet.

Meg sent over the Luxurious Trio set in cool, which comes with a little bullet lipstick, translucent powder, and a blush. While I rarely use powder (face it, it's just too much work for me and I am such a klutz that I just end up with powder all over my apartment) and the pink shade of lipstick was a little off for my complexion, the blush is a clear winner.

First of all, Besame's packaging is adorable, full of swoopy swirls and flowers, totally reminiscent of a time before grunge and low rise jeans. Second of all, the blush (I'm sorry, Boudoir Rouge) is this fantastic light rose color (sweet pink to be exact) which matches my complexion perfectly.

I typically use a Nars blush, either Sin or Orgasm, both of which contain sparkles, but the Besame Boudoir Rouge is a classic matte. While I enjoy a little sparkle in my life and on my cheeks (who doesn't?), this was a nice change of pace.

The powder is soft and goes on smoothly, and gives me just a hint of a flush.

Very flirty. Very man-killer.

Miss Havisham would be proud.


BabsieD said...

I'll have you know that I missed P.R. last night and came here first chance I got to see what happened--that's how much I love your commentary.

And yet--nothing! Where is your insight? Your sarcasm? Your innate sense of both drama and fashion?

I'm dying to find out what happened (and don't want to read something crappy to find out!).

caphillbarbie said...

Sorry BabsieD! I try to get them up as fast as I can! Sometimes I like to let the episode breathe a little, like wine. I feel it makes the entry a little more palatable.

Glad you are enjoying the posts though, I love to write them!

Anonymous said...

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