Friday, August 18, 2006

If It's Broke...Well...Do Something

I visited my hair stylist a few months ago for a cut before a big reunion.

Wait, let me pause for a minute to praise. I have been going to Paul at Serenity Day Spa in Tenleytown since I moved to DC from New York four years ago. He rocks. I have referred many to him and nary a complaint. He always does a genius job with my cut and has been the only person to ever highlight my hair.

I was one of those people who prided herself on her "great natural color." Yeah, right, highlights are awesome.

He also has great hairstylist gossip about the people from Blowout and digs big HDTVs.

But I was there sitting in the chair, gabbing about who-knows-what, and Paul asks me..."Do you wear your ponytail here?" and points to an area right in the middle of my head.

I do.

Yeah....he replies, you have a lot of breakage there.

I feel so awful!! So ashamed! Breakage? How could this happen to me??

Paul explained that it is most likely due to me tying the ponytail too tightly, but I have no choice except give up working out (which I would normally be totally down for, but I have all these clothes to fit into and can't afford to buy all new ones when I gain all that weight). My hair is really fine, so it's tie it tight or the holder slips out as soon as I start moving.

So I picked up Pantene's new Restoratives Breakage Defense Shampoo and Conditioner to try to help with situation. It promised up to 90% less breakage in a month.

How they came up with this I have no clue.

There is no data, no peer reviewed independent studies.

So, they were okay....

Not great. Not any better than the regular Pantene for color treated hair.

My shame continues, so if you have found any breakage solutions, I'm all ears...which, incidentally, is right around where the breakage is.


BabsieD said...

I have no solutions, either (Pantene is the closest I've come thus far).

I did the Japanese straightening about 3 months ago, and it looks pretty good, save for some random breakage that, if not treated with a precise cocktail of leave-in conditioner, hairspray and toothpicks, makes me look not to unlike Alfalfa.

Ellen said...

I don't really think you can fix breakage but I also have superfine hair and I can highly recomend those new elastics from Goody, they have rubber "teeth" no slip grip. Hope this helps.

Big Sky Girl said...

Barbie, my dear, I have SOLUTIONS for you.

Growing up in Montana with seriously dry air, your hair gets gross, here are my two solutions.

Ojon-palm nut oil-you buy it at sephora and it's $21 for the small size. When you apply it it smells like you've been in a humidore with Castro, but it works.

Kerastase Pink Tub Chroma Reflect-You can get it at any salon that sells Kerastase but it IS PRICY. $50+ for the tub. But it works too.

Also brush your hair a lot to pull out the damaged hair.

Hope this helps.

caphillbarbie said...

Interesting! I have the Goody elastics, but alas, i have to tie them tightly too. This Ojai oil sounds I put in on wet hair or dry?

Also, I have come thisclose to buying the Kerastase conditioners but always put it back due to the high price. Is it really worth it???

Big Sky Girl said...

The ojon goes on dry. You let it sit for 10-20 mins. It stinks but it works. The nyou wash it out.

The Kerastase in the tub, is not an eveyday conditioner. I use it once a week, sometimes twice. So it lasts for several months. But the condition on my hair is a lot better. You could also do the in-salon treatment which is like $35 each time. But the chroma reflect works.