Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You're It!

I never much cared for tag when I was younger. Maybe it's because I'm a really slow runner and always got tagged, but then could never tag anyone else. Blob Tag, TV Tag, Elbow Tag, whatever, I stunk at it.

I was also the kid in gym glass standing in deep right field with her mitt on her head twirling around aimlessly, no joke.

But I am a big fan of those emails where you tag people to tell you things about yourself. I'm a cheeseball, what can I say? So...BabsieD has started a round of Five Things Blog tag and I'm it. I'm try to make it as beauty related as possible.

Five Things:

Five Things in My Freezer:
  • a handle of Ketel One vodka...not exactly full though.
  • Haagen Daas Light Ice Cream in Dutch Chocolate....also not exactly full.
  • ginger
  • Trader Joe's Brown Rice
  • ice that I wouldn't actually put in a drink.

Five Things in My Closet:

  • Dolce and Gabbana Red Roses sheath
  • Marc Jacobs stacked heel pumps
  • Theory pants
  • bicycle tire floor pump
  • J. Crew button downs

Five Things in My Purse:

  • Naphcon A eye allergy drops
  • Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Hot Pink
  • Band Aids
  • Smith's Rosebud Salve
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige

Five Things in My Car:

  • old bottles of Poland Spring
  • Prada shielding lip tint #4
  • bike rack
  • golf soft spikes
  • EZ Pass

Five Things in My Wallet:

  • bar membership card
  • SmarTrip
  • MetroCard
  • Amex
  • $3.42 in change.

Post your own in the comments!!

Also...get amped! Project Runway tomorrow!!


DC Celine said...

From one little girl standing in right field with her glove on her head (and they stopped the game to wait for me to "get ready") to another...I thought I was the only one. Did you wake up to any athletic ability later? Mine blossomed sometime around the time I discovered DC softball on the Mall (pre-beer-ban, but perhaps that's dating myself)

Toya said...

Five Things in My Freezer:
Breyer's peach ice cream
Bacardi strawberry daiquri mix
chicken nuggets (my 3-year-old MUST have nuggets at least twice a week or she freaks)
ice packs

Five Things in My Closet:

brown satin gown with brooch on the bodice
Mossimo wrap dresses (green print, black, brown)
a ridiculous amount of purses, including two Coach bags - a navy blue one that was a gift and a large baby pink one I bought for myself
full-length mirror
two pairs of painted jeans that I haven't been able to fit since the 10th grade

Five Things in My Purse:
pink cell phone
Excedrin Migraine
purple suede checkbook holder
a concealer and highlighter that I'm testing

Five Things in My Car:
bookbag full of bellydance stuff (it barfs veils, CDs, hip scarves, finger cymbals, etc.)
a car seat
copies of The Incredibles, Chicken Little and a portable DVD player for those long drives with a toddler in the backseat
plastic bins (in my trunk, to keep it organized)
eyeglasses repair kit

Five Things in My Wallet:
MAC PRO membership card
library card
pictures of my baby and my goddaughter
ULTAmate Rewards card
a gold one dollar coin

The Apprentice said...

I did mine a long time ago, here: