Friday, February 09, 2007

Cutest Thing I've Seen in a While


So, I was clicking through in search of inspiration, enlightenment...oh, whatever...I just didn't want to do any work. So I found this:

It's the Frederic Fekkai Winter Hair Lift-Shine-Define Styling Compact.


It's a little compact that holds two styling products, a root lifting-piecing wax and a glossing cream. The best part? It's to combat hat-head, static flyaways and general winter hair-crappiness!

It looks small enough to fit into purses and coat pockets (you know, that secret inside pocket where you always plan to put $10 (to surprise yourself next year) when spring rolls around after you dry clean your coat for the season, but, yeah right, like you are actually going to dry clean the coat now when you can wait until next December, and then you find yourself broke at Starbucks before work and use the $10 to buy yourself a latte and forget to replace the money and ruin the surprise. That pocket.) and looks like an excellent remedy for the flat limp locks which currently lie on my head.

Does anyone already have this and can give a report??

P.S. I'm also in search of a hat. My cutest blue cashmere hat with the adorable pompom was dropped in a cab around Dupont Circle and I have been borrowing my boyfriend's hat. Ewwww...boy hat. me out? Any cute, warm, preferably on sale hats out there?

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