Friday, February 16, 2007

Spring Has Not Yet Sprung: Cool Lips

Ok, so this is the obvious counterpart to Lips, vol. 1.

The other significant lip trend from the Spring 2007 runways was the baby pink mouth. The difference here as opposed to the cotton candy mouth of the past? It's matte, not shimmery or shiny and the lipstick to go gaga for is the Proenza Pink from Lancome.

Also created by Gucci Westman Neville (she of the "Peter Som lips to kill for") who is clearly the She-Ra of lipstick lemmings, the color was inspired by surfers and their whited-out zinc lips. From the runway pics it appears that it is a true baby pink which is almost totally opaque.

To enhance the effect, the Lancome info explains that Westman Neville even recommends powdering and concealing lips before applying the color. It looked fantastic on the runway, but I worry about the translation to real life.

Blogdorf Goodman already snagged a tube (Damn her and her ways of getting the unattainable! How does she do it? It's like a beauty Jedi-mind trick) and reported that it is not easy to wear but is a beautiful color that will certainly look better in spring and summer plus a tan and minus eighteen layers of fleece.

When I stopped by Neimans to snatch up the Pink Softness that was rightfully mine (ice storms don't scare me!!) I inquired about the waitlist for the shade. Shockingly short. I would call over there right now if you are interested and promise your first born child or something...I heard March 1 is the drop date.

But for me, I think the pale color would be a little too pale, so I decided to go a kindler gentler route.

I picked up a tube of NARS Sheer Lipstick in Roman Holiday. A sheer delicate baby pink, it gives just enough pale pinky color to mimick the trend without forcing people to ask me if I am dehydrated or something.

But I'm sure I could fake the look with a little concealer if I'm feeling trendy or grubbing fake sick and get out of work early...

Anyhoo, in the wake of all this sturm und drang about the weather, what lipstick are you ready to go Celebrity Deathmatch over?

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Anonymous said...

is the neiman's in chevy chase the only one around here? i'm fairly new to dc..

caphillbarbie said...

Nope, there is also a Neimans in Tyson's Corner Virginia (along with Saks in both locations). They sometimes have different stuff, so I tend to rotate. Chevy Chase is metro-accessible though...

Meg said...

i'm still bemoaning the fact that i never got to try the "behnaz" (the original gucci westman lippie). i'm on a lifelong search for the perfect red and i'm afraid this was it.

i actually think the proenza is pretty unattractive (and as annie said, unwearable). if a peter som shade comes out though, i'll fight to the death to have it.

Anne-Marie said...

I agree. I don't like this shade. Too 80s surfer girl. I too would have liked to have tried the now unavailable Behnaz *sigh* Do you have any look a like suggestions?

caphillbarbie said...

I have heard that Red Stiletto by Lancome is a pure bright red, maybe also NARS in Jungle Red or check out the Chanel counter, they are bound to have a great red.

Let us know what you find!

DC LifeCoach said...

Sorry, I HATE this look and had to take a shot at you on my blog about it.