Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Holy Lipstick Backlash, Batman


Ok, ok, ok, ok. I get it.

Apparently the matte pale pink lip has no fans here. I apologize and will promise to focus all further lip coverage to colors which appear in nature (kinda).


Anne-Marie said...

Hooray!! Even if something is in style doesn't mean it can't be ugly ;)

Randa said...

i must be in the minority because i totally love the pale, matte pink lip. let me be clear though - i like it with *obvious* pink, and not same-as-my-skin-tone pink. it needs to be matte, indeed, but the touch of girly-barbie-ballerina pink is the really pretty part. the dead, decaying, no-color look is just that- dead and decaying. lips need to have color.

Heather said...

i like the Proenza Pink color, but it definitly will not work on everyone's skin. But then again, no matter what is in style, I am a pale pink or nude lipgloss kind of girl, those are just my most flattering colors.