Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spring Has Not Yet Sprung - Hot Lips

My first obsession for spring are lips.

The Spring 2007 shows had a variety of lip colors to choose from, ranging from the arty-and-important-but-incredibly-unwearable thick fuchsia and orange, to a palepalepale pink surfer look. The divide seems pretty clear, go bright or go nude, but don't half ass it.

Let's go bright first.

My FAVORITE, and I truly mean favorite, lip look for spring was on the runway at Peter Som.

Putting aside the fantastically lust-worthy clothes, the makeup was adorable and fresh. The look on the lip was a stained dark rose, almost like you ate a whole vat of raspberry jello and then put on chapstick. The best thing is that it seems to look great on a wide variety of models, despite various complexions and hair colors. Check out more pictures backstage from Style.com.

I have searched the internet and print media high and low to try to recreate the look. Gucci Westman, head makeup force behind Lancome, did the makeup and the Beauty Addict reported from behind the scenes at the show that Westman used a "blue-based tomato red" lipstick and topped it off with a cheek mousse stain and then dusted with powder.

Also, the March Elle Magazine reported that the cheek product in question is Magique Blush in Pink Softness from Lancome, part of the Spring 2007 "Pop Cherub" collection. If that color doesn't float your boat, there are several other limited edition shades available.

But if you take the last Pink Softness at Neimans in Chevy Chase, so help me god, I will track you down.

Elle also reported that the look was completed with a clean, glowing complexion and an application of said cheek mousse with a dusting of dark purple eyeshadow and brown mascara.

Color me pysched and out the door to pick up these items.

However, I'm perplexed at the shade of lipstick used underneath the cheek stain. Can anyone help a sister out? I have a dreaded feeling that Westman used the totally ephemeral Behnaz red lipstick and I will never be able to properly recreate the look!

photos courtesy of style.com and lancome-usa.com. Special thanks to the Beauty Addict for such excellent reporting last year at the shows.


joyous said...

I was at Target Sunday and Revlon seems to be revamping their line dramatically. They have some gorgeous lip and cheek stains. Cheap enough that you can buy two or three to try to recreate the look.

DC Celine said...

Nars has a gloss (which wouldn't work so well as the underneath layer) that has the same "raspberry jello" effect. Can't remember the name right now, but it looks bright, bright red in the tube.

Anonymous said...

Are they not selling Behnaz anymore? Ack, I never picked mine up! Lookalikes PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

The best red lipstick I have ever found is Dietrich by Benefit. It might work as yoru underneath layer

Anonymous said...

Laura Mercier has a set of mini lip glosses out right now that includes a genuinely fabulous bright pink, which depending on your skin might work better. (I'm very olive, so it's a little bit softer and fresher on me than red.) Can't think of the exact name, but it's something glace ... they have it at Saks in CC and both the downtown BlueMercurys.