Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bucket O' Moisture

I received an email today from the folks at Kiehl's announcing the release of the latest size of their best-selling moisturizer Creme de Corps.


Good Lord, people! You can now fill a bathtub with this stuff and swim in it.

It is an extremely effective moisturizer, perfect for those days when The Ice Queen of Winter has sucked the living moisture right out of your body. However, I am more partial to the Creme de Corps Light-Weight as an everyday (or, every day I remember to atually put it on) whcih adds loads on softening without the sliding -around-greasing-everything-I-touch feeling of the Creme de Corps.

But if you like the yellow goo, you can now purchase your body weight in a single bottle.

photo courtesy of email to me.

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