Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer of Awesomeness

That's right. This is shaping up to be a summer of sheer mindblowing awesomeness.

As far as beauty related media is concerned.

First up! The Devil Wears Prada is opening on June 30th in theaters nationwide.

The book was (and still is) vastly superior to 99.9% of the chick/assistant/nanny/social climber lit out there. I still credit it for helping me refocus my eyes after the hangover I got from the end of finals party when I was a 1L. Oh, yeah, if anyone knows what I did that night, I'm prepared to buy your silence. I'm just saying.

And the movie lists some pretty big name talent like Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway (OMG! I love The Princess Diaries!) and Gisele (ummmm, she's really thin and pretty, so I guess that makes her talented).

I'm all aflutter thinking about the wardrobes and the bitchy personnas and the pre-buzz is that the movie is pretty good. I'm also excited to see Anna Wintour's personal idiosycrasies on the big screen. Oh sorry, I mean "fictional editor of a huge fashion magazine."

I'm pretty psyched. Plus, I already have a gaggle of people who I will be attending the movie with covertly so I don't get endlessly teased by my boyfriend.

Second! Project Runway is coming back for a third season on July 12th! Whoo hoo!

Bravo has consistently put out reality television that puts the sure into guilty pleasure (as in, SURE! My Tivo will be recording that! Okay, fine, that sucked.)

But seriously, they put so much stupendously awesome crap that I can't even watch all of it. Blow Out? My favorite lovably psycho megalomaniac! PR1 and 2? Awesome to the 10th power! Even my boyfriend will watch it when there is nothing on ESPN. Top Chef? Well...Katie Lee Joel is terrible but other than that...AWESOME! Ugh, I'm getting hyper just thinking about it.

Also, Bravo is putting out some new shows like Million Dollar Listing, about real estate and the people peddling it, on June 12th, Work Out, which promises to be Blow Out with sweaty people, on July 19th and some true-life movie about a "trinogomous" relationship (two men and a woman). Ummm...that's actually called polyandry. Get a fact checker Bravo! Or stop trying to be The Lifetime Network and do a second season of Real Housewives of the OC!

Third! Okay, I'm out. But that is a lot for summer!

I'm trapped in a glass cage of emotion!

Did I forget anything couch-potato related? What are you totally psyched about?

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The Glitterati said...

I <3 Princess Mia!

Of course there is also CNTM and SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) on Wednesdays, which leads to much acronymic happiness. Also Hell's Kitchen, which is fun to say in my poor approximation of a country bumpkin accent.

PattyG said...

You mean there's NO 2nd season of the OC Housewives? LOL That was one of my greatest GP's (guilty pleasures). I'm looking forward to all of these shows, too. Couch potatoes unite!

Blogger said...

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