Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's Good to Be...

There are some days when it's good to be in Washington.

Ok, fine, I'm a total DC nerd. I'm okay with that.

This has been one of them.

First of all, I want to wish you all a very happy National Women's Confidence Day!! Wait a second, it's not a real holiday? You mean I don't get a day off from work? Are you seriously telling me that it's just a photo-op for Rep. Carol Maloney (D-NY) and Queen Latifah? And this is somehow related to a lingerie company's launch?

Uhhh, okay. I'm going to file this under the "Congress has waaaay too much time on it's hands" category. Maybe we should take another recess. But Queen Latifah does look fabu with the wavy hair. Wonder if she's wearing the Lash Exact with that...

While I'm all for women having confidence, some have a little too much. Witness Ann Coulter.

Her newest book and subsequent television appearances have unleashed a whole can full of crazy into the world and prompted a massive smackdown from, well, everyone. The loudest of the group? Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Bill O'Reilly (R-FOX). Ouch. You know you are in trouble when they agree on something.

My problem? Well, I'm going to stick with what I know best. Beauty.

Coulter is a textbook example of how not to impress people with the way you look, especially in conservative Washington.

She wears her long blonde hair down all the time (seriously woman, get a little layering going on, it will help, I promise), wears thick eyeliner rimming her eyes (and made fun of Harriet Myers! Hello! Pot? This is Kettle.), and shows up for TV appearances at 7 a.m. in a black minidress cut up to THERE. (Imagine hands waving in the high leg area)

I don't care who you are or what kind of vitriol you spout. The last thing I want on the Today Show at 7:30 is bare thigh.

Take a cue from Queen Latifah, Ann. Pick a nice suit, slick on some pale lip gloss with the glowing skin, and wear good underwear. Just don't show it to me.

P.S. They spelled Queen Latifah's name wrong in the Congressional Record! Review and revise! Review and revise! 10 days, Maloney!

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