Monday, June 05, 2006

Not Just for Beauty: Snooping Advice

I have discovered a neat trick to play on people.

If you are like me and are totally icked out by people who neglect the washing-of-the-hands after a bathroom visit (if you're not icked out by this, start getting icked out. I don't want to have to start telling you stories about the bacteria!) and love snooping on people's private habits, I have the ultimate solution.

Savannah Bee Company Blackberry Honey Hand Soap.

Oh yes, you heard me right.

And you might ask, why is this so good for the snooping?

Well, the soap smells great. It has this really mouthwatering berry-tinged honey smell (all together now, DUH!) that really clings to your hands. REALLY clings. It recently was still detectable after a messy lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown. That's how good it is.

So here is the snooping scenario:

You are on a date with a guy.

You like said boy, but aren't totally sure if he is worth keeping around. You have not seen his apartment yet, so you are unaware of his neat-freak versus total slob personna.

You invite him over to your place for coffee (drink)(movie)(dinner party)(Scrabble)(insert whatever activity floats your boat).

Now, you have secretly replaced your typical Dial Antibacterial soap with the Savannah Blackberry Honey. He will never know because it just looks like you have fabulous taste for a girl because the packaging is so darn cute!

Okay, so you tank him up with coffee or beer or challenge him to a water drinking competition or whatever. Then wait for him to excuse himself. When he comes back, the blackberry smell (or lack thereof!) will alert you to whether or not his mother taught him well.

Arrange subsequent dates (or kick him to the curb) accordingly.

PS This works with friends and family members too.

graphic courtesy of Savannah Bee Company


greeneyes said...

Oh! Oh! I'm so grossed out at work when this happens. We have automatic faucets, so you can even tell that some people just sort of wave their hands around in front of the faucets to get the water to kick on, so you *think* they're washing their hands. Shudder.

I wonder if the cleaning people would swipe the bottle if I brought one into

Jocelyn said...

Savannah Bee Company. There was an article in VOGUE about this a few months ago. I want to try. I'm in Canada where there are no B&BW, so I will just have to wait for a trip to the US.
Love the blog. Cute, cute title!

Carrie said...

Also, I got a mailer for B&BW saying there was a major sale on the 5-7th this month and that they were bringing back some old favorite scents. Now is as good a time as any to get over there - I'm going tonight to check it out and get this soap. Thanks for the great review, Barbie.