Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let the Sun Shine In: Volume 2

Fear can do strange things to people. It preys on the weakness of the human condition and can turn an ordinary person into a crazed psycho.

Well, whatever. In the beauty industry, this often manifests as foisting products on the unsuspecting public to fix a problem we don't actually have or to not actually help a problem that we do have.

With sun related products, there is a whole lot of hooey out there, and marketers can take full advantage by selling people the modern day equivalent of snake-oil. (I'm sure I can get that somewhere too). Well, fear not, the Washington Post today examined some of the newest products to protect you from the sun with this extremely helpful graphic. (Mmmm, I so dig the socks and Tevas. Can I get his digits?)

My favorite "are you effing kidding me?" product? Oh, that would be pills that protect you from the sun. Okaaaay. Stop and think for a second. If there were a pill to protect us from UV light, they would be putting it in the water supply. Please! Did you also hear that "gullible" isn't actually in the dictionary?

My favorite "this could actually be a good idea" product? The stickers that change color when they have been exposed to a certain amount of sun. Let's just say that if there were a sticker on me that day in Captiva when I was ten and I spent the ENTIRE day out in the ocean, I wouldn't have forced my parents to cause a run on aloe lotion in Florida.

There is also this more expansive article to go along with the graphic, but then you don't get to look at Mr. Sexy Socks.

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