Wednesday, June 21, 2006

London Calling

Today I read an article in the New York Times that makes my heart pound with joy and my knees weak.

The upshot of the story: Topshop could be opening a location in New York as soon as next spring.

(Handel's Messiah plays here.)

Topshop is the fabulous British chain store that delivers fabulously on trend clothing at reasonable prices, in the same vein as H&M and Zara, but WAAAY better.

Ugh, I can barely see straight I'm so excited.

You can read all about it here, until the NYTimes pulls it, but they also mentioned that Topshop is expanding it's website in September (although they don't say if that means you can order online...I'm guessing not, because life is just that cruel) and that you can peruse the wares at Opening Ceremony in New York.

Guess where you can find me this weekend.

I suppose that will have to tide me over until next spring...

Unless someone wants to whisk me away to London...hint, hint...


BabsieD said...

Okay, here's a limb to go out on: could you imagine if someday, the fashion gods smiled upon us and they opened both a Scoop and a Top Shop in DC? Intermix came, so hey, could happen. I think I would just implode.

caphillbarbie said...

Personally, I'd using up my prayer capitalin the hopes that Topshop hits before Scoop. I love the Scoop sales, but I feel that the overpriced-trendy-tshirt-going-out-clothes arena is more than covered by Urban Chic, Intermix, Wink, and Valise (and that's just Georgetown).

My wish list for import from New York...a real Barney's. Not a Co-Op, a real one... That would be pure heaven.