Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Postdiluvian Report

Sun? Is that you? I've missed you so much... Please don't ever leave me like that again!

That's right. It appears that the apocalypse which seemed totally imminent last night has passed. Seriously, I was about to gather my beauty products two by two and build an ark it got so bad.

The weather in here in the D of C has been downright biblical. There was rain, lightning, thunder, mudslides, flooding, frogs falling from the sky (it happened in Magnolia!). And while tourists were trying to get into the Smithsonian and my friends at EPA reveled in an unplanned vacation (ummm, what happened to making sure that the water was clean guys?) I was lamenting the fact that I could not get to a beauty store.

Don't worry, the tax system is still working even though IRS employees are out cavorting in the puddles.

However, I did get in some quality time with this month's Instyle magazine with the incredibly awkward picture of Kiera Knightly. Don't get me wrong, she is incredibly beautiful and most of the pictures in the story are great, but the cover shot looks a little pained and VERY airbrushed.

So, a miniwish list:

L'Oreal Professional Textureline Play-Ball in Beach Creme - apparently this stuff comes in tubs that bounce! Perfect for total klutzes like me and it supposedly thickens your hair.

Aveda Pure Abundance hair potion - allegedly this starts as an oil absorbing powder and changes into a volumizer when rubbed in hands. Could be genius for those post-going-out workdays (EVIL CHARDONNAY!) and it also reminds me of those Pop Rocks that turned into gum after they were done fizzing.

Trying the side-bun and not looking stupid - it looks so good on Rebecca Romijn! But let's face it, a lot of things look good on her that wouldn't fly on me.

Okay...I'm off to finish some work before Nature decides that a Waterworld scenario could be rather interesting after all.


the cap city socialite said...

I am loving your blog. Wanted to let you know that I linked to you from my site.

Fitzgerald said...

I thought the same thing about Keira on the cover. Still...not nearly as bad as Britney on the cover of Bazaar....

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog and can't wait for more - Carlee