Friday, June 23, 2006

A Day Without Beauty

Wow. Chardonnay is evil.

I am totally getting on the phone with ATF (or TTB, whatever they are called now) and telling them that my boss thinks we should make chardonnay illegal.

Awoke with a searing headache and a queasy stomach so I was not able to remain vertical long enough to actually put on my makeup or dry my hair, but off I went to work.

Oh yeah, FYI people, please keep your voices down on the Metro in the morning! There might be people who had a rough night and are valiantly trying not to hurl all over you. Also, your perfume sucks.

I was feeling better after a little help from my good friend Aleve, until I went into the bathroom and got my first look at myself.


I am hideous.

I fast tracked into repair mode, running to my desk and cracking the glass on my "only in case of emergencies" beauty kit (also known as whatever is still in my purse) and whipped out my Nars Concealer in Custard to cover the HUGE dark circles and redness that seem to have sprung up in response to Public Enemy #1, a.k.a. the white wine from hell. Getting there...

Then, I added a little Prada Lip Tint #4 to my cheeks and lips. Not quite the death-warmed-over look anymore.

I pulled my hair down from it's semi-damp sloppy bun (more hair will cover the face!).

Okay...mildly presentable.

Now back to clutching the desk to keep from falling off the Earth and seeing what I can do about nuking the winery that made whatever I was drinking last night.




Fitzgerald said...

What an odd coincidence...I was sipping chardonney while reading this...