Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All Project Runway, all the time

Project Runway Season 3 is starting tonight!!

I'm so excited I can barely sit still.

Or maybe that's the three cups of coffee I chugged while trying to reconcile the fact that the Matt Lauer interview with Vladimir Putin was interpersed by a segment on the popularity of smoothies. Seriously? That's news? Can't Today save that for at least the 8 o'clock hour?

Reviews of the new season are flying everywhere. Allegedly, Heidi, Nina, Michael and Tim are all back in top form and in the Road to the Runway show, we get a glimpse of Wendy Pepper (yet again. She must hate Middleburg,VA. She's never there.) The new cast is supposedly very talented and includes one Malan Breton, who is quickly singled out as the Wendy/Santino/Zulema of this season.

Pulitzer prize winner and flip flop hater Robin Givhan at WaPo gives a good rundown of the characters (I know, this is reality TV, but c'mon!) BUT! A warning! She tells who wins the first competition, where the contestants must make a garment from the the materials in their Bravo sponsored apartments. DO NOT READ the second page if you wish to remain blissfully ignorant until the final moments.

By the way, if I had known that you could win a Pulitzer for writing about fashion, I might have thought about J-school instead of law school. Oh, well, too late now, because the Pulitzer committee certainly isn't going to consider my Internet ramblings.

Also, one of the reasons I really enjoy PR is because the contestants actually know what they are doing when they compete as opposed to most of the other reality shows.

Don't get me wrong, I watch and love an embarrassingly large number of shows where I can gape in horror at the ridiculousness of humanity.

The cast here have actually, at some point, made a garment, know how to sew, know how to pick fabrics, know how a model should walk, etc. And even though the challenges are often totally absurd, each person actually produces something that a model can wear (except maybe with that teensy ass baring dress Zulema made and then blamed the model's "big" butt).

So, until the big fix tonight, try to stave off the withdrawal cravings by snooping around the official website where there are contestant bios, blogs (Tim Gunn's blog from Season 2 rocked! I'm a little bit in love with him.) and big pictures of Heidi Klum not pregnant this season.

I'll be back with episode recaps later in the week!!

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