Thursday, July 06, 2006

Would Zyban work for lip gloss?

I think I might have a serious problem.

I am totally addicted to lip glosses.

No joke, I have about five in my purse right now, all in various shades of pink.

But they are so pretty!! And I do like variety. And as far as addictions go, this has to be better than say... meth. Or cookies.

So my latest conquest is Trish McEvoy's lip gloss in Shimmery Pink.

Sampled at Bergdorf's Trish counter, my mother commented that it didn't really look like there was anything on. I responded by piling on a little more before heading out to be tortured by the salesman at Bendel's.

Later, when we did the post-mortem on his ineptitude and dearth of knowledge about buffering solutions, my mother remarks, "Oh, that lip gloss is actually really pretty."

Done. Now I had to have it.

Fast forward to a quick spin around Blue Mercury in Georgetown and it was mine, all mine! Insert evil cackle here.

The gloss is nice because in comes in the small tube, easily slipped into the tiniest of purses (FYI, I have no medium sized purses. Only huge and tiny. Go figure.) has a nice brush and smells kind of like aspartame. Yummy.

One swipe delivers a nice sheer pinky color with silver shimmer that gives a perfect counterbalance to a darker eye, while two swipes produced a slightly disco ball/roller girl effect.

Here's to hoping that I can hold back from future indulgences.

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Fitzgerald said...

I just counted four in mine. Three pink, one caramel colored. You know what's ok. Each serves a different purpose and I think that it is entirely acceptable to carry 5 around. I love Trish's gloss but MAC Lipglass, Too Faced and (surprisingly) the cheap gloss from E.L.F are my all-time faves.

Toya said...

I only carry one at a time in my purse, but I have over a hundred lipglosses - it's bad ... really bad.

Kim said...

I'm addicted to lip gloss. Sometimes its the only makeup I wear. Mac is the greatest!

Anonymous said...

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heather said...

is bluemercury close to any redline stops??

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