Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eye-witness News

Well, Heat Wave '06 continues to beat down upon us here on the East Coast. I have to say I never really understand the whole "reporting on the weather" that is going on a lot lately. It seems to consist of people just standing around saying, "Jim, I'm here in Northwest and it's officially HOT."

Thhhhaaaankssss. Like I couldn't figure that out from the weather report?

I'm also not a fan of going to different locations around the country to tell me that it's hot. There was a reporter on the Today Show telling me it was hot in Atlanta. She obviously not their local reporter because she actually used that nickname "Hot-lanta." That's like people who call San Francisco "Frisco." Bad news. Literally.

So, while the rest of the country bakes in the heat, I'm inside freezing my butt off. Oh, that's right. Your tax dollars pay to have the entire government chilled to the temperature of a meat locker. Seriously, I have goosebumps as I type.

However, since I will have to go outside at some point, I prepared my makeup accordingly. I found my tube of Laura Mercier's Eye Basics in Linen, which is a cream shadow-esque product made to match your eyelid shade. It comes in a lip gloss type tube with a wand applicator. and can be used as a primer or as a shadow itself.

Today, I layered a little of Vincent Longo's Baby Love Shadow** on top. When I finally adjusted to the drastic temperature change in my office, I noticed that my shadow had not creased up the way it normally does. The powder stayed even and fresh looking. Which is more than I can say for my attitude about working today. Shouldn't the government save money on AC by shutting down for a few days? Call your congressman and tell him that's what you want!!

**Makeup mystery: Has Vincent Longo discontinued it's single shade eyeshadows? I have seen the new Diamond Shadows, and the Trio shadows, but have not seen the other singles lately? Email me with info...I promise to keep all sources confidential. I can be like Judith Miller, only with better hair and a more friends!

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