Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Tale of Two Beauty Departments - Cont'd

After the big scores at Bergdorf's, I convinced my mother to walk two blocks south to hit up Bendel's.

I swore to all that is holy to me (namely, caffeine and Prada) that we would only go to the beauty section as I wanted to try out the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. We were both a little tired, hungry and be-blistered.

Nota bene on foundation for me: I currently use Vincent Longo Healthy Fluid Foundation in Porcelain. They played a mean trick a few years back where it disappeared from the market to "reformulate" and I had to try other foundations. But it's back, baby!

However, when summer rolls around, I find myself longing for something light and easy, hence the desire to check out the Tinted Moisturizer. And I hear it's all the rage in Paris.

So we roll into Bendel's and I am immediately struck by how much a beauty floor resembles (at least what I imagine) a marketplace in Marrakesh with vendors reaching and jumping out from every direction trying to lure you into their stall.

So I sidle up to the Laura Mercier counter and start poking around. Then the sales guy sidles up to me. I ask about the moisturizer and he looks like he has just won the lottery. "Let me put some on you!" he squeals.

I glance at my mother, and reply, "Well, aren't you pretty hungry Mom? I don't want to take too long." As I say this I shoot her my best "let's get out of here!!" vibe. She says, "We can stay if you want to."

So much for mother-daughter mental telepathy.

So I sit. The guy starts rubbing my face with cleansers and gook, trying to sell me some primer with his totally rehearsed spiel. I notice an older saleswoman peering over his shoulder as he smears. Great...a newbie. He lauches into the ad copy on the Perfecting Water (didn't Nature perfect water on it's own? What with the two hydrogens and the oxygen, there's not that much room for anything else). And he's telling me that it's pH balanced.

Okay, now I get snarky.

"What's the pH?" I inquire. He looks totally befuddled, but regains his composure.

"It's balanced."

Okay, now I'm super-snarky and I whip out my totally obnoxious science nerd skilz.

"No, I mean, what is the pH? It's a number that describes the acid or base quality of the substance."

Pause. "Weeeell...when your skin is not pH balanced, the water will put it back in balance."

I'm guessing my chemistry professor might have a few things to say about that one.

Then he puts on the Tinted Moisturizer.

I glance over at my mother, who has a grimace on her face that I haven't seen since I tried to go to school looking like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. He hands me a mirror.

GOOD GOD! I look ill. No, seriously, pale and clammy looking. Like I had the stomach flu.

He tried to show me that it would be better with a little blush (picking a pooey brown color that my mother later remarked made me look "dirty") but to no avail. I hightailed it out of there with the "I need to see it in natural light" excuse.

Ugh! Back to the Longo counter I go!

I'm considering experimenting with the Longo Dew Finish foundation version...has anyone tried?


SpillToJill said...

Hi! Interesting in participating in "the great eyeliner hunt"? If so - check out my blog for details:

The Glitterati said...

Awesome! Does it make me a bad person that I squealed with delight when you whipped out the mad science skillz?

BabsieD said...

Have not tried that Vince foundation, but really like Chantecaille's Future Skin, lovelove La Mer Foundation, and think you should give the Tinted Moisturizer a second chance, because it is great when not applied by an annoying lecherous salesperson. Especially with a dash of her Sun Kissed blush over it (which imitates a sunburn, but in a good way).

caphillbarbie said...

Hmmm, Chantecaille sounds promising. I do love their packaging and oh-so-french moniker. I see a trip to Needless Markup in my future.

And no worries on being excited about my science skillz! They are a little rusty, and they can make eyes roll everywhere, but there are times when it's so much fun!

Julia said...

You might want to go and get samples of various tinted moisturizers so YOU can apply them without a PH spill. That was very funny. I currently use Bobbi Brown's tinted moisturizer and truly love it. I also use it year-round because of the flawless coverage it gives me. Keep up the good fight in your makeup search.

caphillbarbie said...

Julia-that is so funny! I actually picked up a sample of the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer on Friday and am testing it now! Snagging samples is definitely my modus operandi from now on. No more newbies touching my face!

Anonymous said...

There is a great little beauty store in Montana of all places (Indulgence in Bozeman).
They sell Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.
Being washed out, the woman suggested I tried LMTM in Nude.
It adds just the right hint of color and is goof proof in application.
The pale color is just too pale without the aid of some serious color cosmetics.
Now if I could just find a cheaper alternative.