Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Makeup by Crayola

In keeping with my Project Runway blitzkrieg theme, I wanted to tell you about my recently aquired L'Oreal H.I.P. Pure Pigment stick in Alluring. You know, as in "Take the models down to the L'oreal/Tresemme hair and makeup room. Cough, cough!! Awkward product placement!! Cough!"

Now, I would looooove to provide you with a picture or a link etc., but for some reason, the internet is not coming up with anything. Damn you Al Gore and your interweb that gives me nothing but trouble!! Just kidding!! I love you Internet!

The other day I took a stroll over to my neighborhood CVS as I was in dire need of shampoo and ... HOLY EXTREME MAKEOVER, BATMAN!!

The store was totally different. All the aisles were reversed, there was a whole La Roche-Posay section and all the cosmetic aisles were backlit. And! Someone asked if she could help me!!

Color me shocked.

So I poked around and settled on the H.I.P. Pigment Stick, which is a part of L'Oreal's line that has some really out-there colors and boasts that it is "high intensity pigment." The pigment stick is kind of like a blunt-end Crayon made entirely out of shadow. There were several tempting colors, but I picked Alluring, a mauve-y purple color to add some punch to my NARS Penelope cream shadow, which is a silvery-mauve.

The pigment stick gives good color, although it's a little dry and the flat end makes it a little difficult to line with. I'm kind of tempted to get all DIY on its ass and sharpen it over the sink.

The color itself is a sparkly purple, but when applied with a light hand is acceptable for day. A heavier application could easily take it to happy hour (or that hour when happy hour ends and you are still ordering drinks).

The price tag rang in around $10, which sounds little high for CVS, (I expect all things in a drugstore to cost $5 for some reason. Maybe I just live in a pre-Reagan world in my head) but I guess they have to pay for all that electricity to run the backlighting and the quality certainly seems better than the average drugstore brand product.

Worth a shot. But you might want to wait and see if they make a cameo in PR3.

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