Friday, July 07, 2006

Like Exxon Valdez, but in a good way

Ahhh, July recess. My mornings are so relaxed. My message light isn't blinking at me when I get to work. Birds chirp, sun shines, and I have free time to go shopping after work.

When I was down in Georgetown at Bluemercury buying my 8,000th pink lip gloss (which is still totally LOVE, so it was worth it) I snagged a sample of the NARS Monoi Body Glow II.

It was an impulse request.

I read in one of the three thousand magazines I go through every month that the Body Glow is this oil that is supposed to smell fantastic and be a great moisturizer which gives you that island-girl-beachy-sheen. And I'm hooked, because I'm all for something that makes me look like I come from an island.

Strike that ... make that an island more tropical than Manhattan.

So I tried it out. I was very concerned that the oil would just make me look kind of greasy and shiny, which would not be a good look for me. But it really didn't. I used a small amount and it sinks right in. In fact, I wish it gave me a little more sheen than it did.

The best part? THE FREAKING SMELL! Yuhhh-my.

The Sephora website gives the whole diatribe about the plant it comes from and gardenias, blah blah. It is really nice. And it actually works well with the new Trish McEvoy perfume. Score one for me! I never believed that I would be able to be someone who mixed frangrances. I typically go with Eau de Lubriderm over everything else.

The only problem is that the smell is so tropical and beachy, I was actually worried that my co-workers would glare at me and say that I was really taking the recess hours a little too far.

Then again, I try not to let them get that close to me.

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Pink Cupcakes said...

I must say that NARS Body Glow sounds really yummy! Might have to go out and see if I can find it out here in little NZ! And always rememeber you can NEVER have to many lip glosses!