Monday, July 24, 2006

Kismet, or other such concepts

Sometimes things just come together perfectly.

Like when you wander into a Neiman Marcus sale and find a pair of the Prada flats you lusted over all season long...miraculously in your size AND 50% off.

Or when you visit that restaurant you've heard soooo much about (and that it is packed every night) and find that they can seat you that very minute.

Yes, those are life's little charmed moments.

Recently, I had my own beauty version of kismet, fate, destiny, divine intervention or whatever.

On a stroll through Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale offerings I stopped to show a friend the lip gloss and fragrance I picked up from Trish McEvoy recently.

Then I saw it.

The Pretty Face palette.

Typically, I don't think much of palettes. I don't think that everyone can really wear the same colors (witness me and my friend The Beauty Anti-Me) and therefore, even if I like a few of the colors of a palette, there will be at least three that languish untouched, unloved, and unhappy. And that spoils the point of the palette, which is to simplify my beauty bag. (HA! Like that's going to happen.)

But this one is different.

The microscopically thin, sleek black case houses four eyeshadows and a blush/bronzer. The eyeshadows are a cool bone color, a pale pink, a medium purple with gold flecks, and a twiggy brown.

I actually did not buy the palette that day. I thought about for over a week, even though the sales associate told me they didn't have many left. I couldn't stop thinking how perfect all the colors were for me. When I finally stopped by, they told me they were out, but lo and behold! They found one. We were meant for each other.

And the possibilities are endless.

I have used all four of the shadows in varying combinations like Jelly Belly jellybeans to create different flavors/looks:

  • bone + pale pink = daytime shopping around 14th St.
  • bone + purple = looking professional while covering a hearing in Dirksen
  • pale pink + purple + brown-used-as-a-liner = date with boyfriend to Ray's the Steaks
  • bone + pale pink + purple-as-a-liner = drinks at Bourbon

And I've only had it for a week!!

Since I tend to be an awful packer, I have devised a small challenge for myself...this weekend when I head up to New York for the weekend, I will ONLY bring the palette.

It's like Beauty Fear Factor!!

No multiple shadows. No three blushes. Just me, the palette, some mascara and a travel brush kit.

Let's hope I survive.

Although there is a Sephora right down the street....

why, oh why, does Blogger hate me so? No picture today...


DC Celine said...

I sympathize on the Blogger-sadness. I was having tons of trouble...took me forever to post...

but to the real reason for my comment:

I'm now a fan of the palettes. Ever since my MAC palette with Pickle, I'm a fan. Also have a Stila one - with a few languishing, but sometimes used colors (kinda like yours).

And you can do it - a whole weekend sans mega-beauty-bag. It's a liberating feeling (especially when Sephora's down the street).

When do you head to NYC?

caphillbarbie said...

Oooh, MAC is sorely underrepresented in my makeup collection...what is Pickle?

Headed to NYC right after work Friday, which is always a great place to be when you forget key items for the trip...there is always a place to buy a replacement!

(Also, my mother keeps many of the same products as me and I can share some of her clothes)

DC Celine said...

Pickle is this amazing green - just like it sounds. It was one of those darned "limited edition" colors maybe 3-4 seasons ago? I've searched their website for something similar, and there's one that's close, but not the same - just not as vibrant.

Here's my original post on greens

And here's a pic of the similar color they're offering now:

I love heading in to MAC, saying "I'm not afraid of color," and letting them go wild.

I'll wear a red carnation on Madison Avenue...BabsieD is headed north, too.

caphillbarbie said...

Seems like it's an exodus from DC this weekend. Unfortunately for me, this is not a shopping excursion, just a trip to see the family and attend a bridal shower.

So, no Madison Ave for me....sigh...

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